Saunf Benefits & Nutrition
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Saunf Benefits & Nutrition

Saunf holds the secrets of the health of our ancestors. It is beneficial for our health because of the several ingredients it has. It is one of the most common ingredients available in the kitchen.

Saunf Nutrition Value

Fennel Seeds and Saunf have lots of nutritional value like vitamins, antioxidants. It has lots of health benefits for the liver, uterus, heart, and other body parts.

Health Benefits Of Saunf

Saunf or fennel is an aromatic spice that is commonly available globally. It is a common practice in India to chew the Saunf seeds after the meal. The tasty Saunf seeds make your mouth fresh and also provide the necessary nutrients in large amounts.

The Saunf seeds are full of nutrients and also work as a powerful antioxidant. They also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are highly useful. They are also useful in dealing with issues relating to digestive and respiratory ailments. It is also effective in improving vision and controlling menstrual problems. The seeds can also be used to manage Diabetes. The regular usage of Saunf seeds can improve insulin sensitivity and controls blood glucose levels.

Saunf seeds with a bitter taste are highly beneficial and they also have a cooling effect on the body. It can also be used to deal with health issues relating to the brain, heart kidney, stomach, liver, and uterus.  The seeds have potassium in notable amounts and it can help in dealing with body cells, body fluid, and also the acid-base balance. It helps in controlling heart rate & It stabilizes the blood pressure also.

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Saunf seeds are mainly used for reducing bad breath. The sweet and bitter taste of soft seeds freshens your mouth by clearing out the increasing bacteria using the saliva. It can be a regular habit to chew the seeds or to use them along with betel leaf after lunch.

Tip: The roasted Saunf seeds added with sugar can offer you a sweet flavor to be used regularly after meals.

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