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Papaya Leaves Benefits in Dengue Fever

Papaya leaves benefits in dengue are unlimited that is why papaya leaves were used to treat dengue fever in ancient times and there are lots of papayas leaves home remedies to treat dengue fever naturally. These leaves have the power to grow your platelets’ count which can be very helpful in fevers like dengue and malaria.

Papaya is the only fruit that gives you lots of nutrition and health benefits and its seeds and leaves are also considered healthy elements like antioxidants, vitamin C, and many more.

Health Benefits of Papaya Leaves in Dengue

Papaya Leaves Benefits in Dengue

1. Increase Your Platelets

Papaya Leaves Increase platelets

Yes, you read it right papaya leaves instantly increase your blood platelets that are the reason behind doctor advise to drink papaya leaves drink to dengue patients.

2. Boost Immunity System

Papaya Leaves Boost Immunity

Papaya leaves are responsible to increase the immunity system because it has elements like alkaloids, papain, and phenolic. This is the reason why papaya leaves also good for digestion and helps in digestive problems.

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3. Terminate the Dengue Fever

Papaya Cure Dengue Fever

As per a recent study when you drinking papaya leaves juice may eliminate dengue fever from our body and balance the platelets and cells. Papaya leaves are used to treat dengue and it is the best effective home remedy to cure dengue fever.

4. Papaya Leaves may fight with Malaria

Papaya Leaves Treat Malaria

These leaves not only help to cure dengue fever as well as it is anti-malarial properties. Papaya leaves contain Acetogenin an element to reduce the malaria effects.

How To Use Papaya Leaves To Cure Dengue

Juice of papaya leaves and eat orally can treat your dengue and recover the platelet rapidly. Let’s check how can you take papaya leaves benefits.

  1. You can boil the papaya leaves with water and make juice with it and drink it thrice a day.
  2. Eat papaya fruit or make the papaya shake with it and drink it twice a day.

How To Cook Papaya Leaves

Take 1 liter of water and 10 papaya leaves. Now cut the leaves into pieces and wash them properly. Add leaves into the water and boil it on low flame for 30 minutes. Papaya leaves juice is ready you can give it to dengue patients to cure fever instantly.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQS)

Can Papaya Leaves Cure Cancer?

It is a belief that papaya leaves can cure cancer but not proven medically. Papaya leaves can improve your immune system, recover the platelets rapidly, and also averts the side effects that occurred after chemotherapy.

What Are The Side Effects of Papaya Leaf Juice?

Taking papaya leaves as such has no side effects but if symptoms occur like stomach ache, vomiting, breathing problem, lower blood pressure then visit your doctor immediately and stop taking papaya leaves juice or any other form.

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What is papaya leaves good for?

Papaya leaves juice may enhance your blood platelet level and give you instant recovery in fever like dengue, malaria, and typhoid. You can also use papaya leaves for weight loss.

Can we drink papaya leaf juice daily?

It is better to eat papaya raw or papaya juice. Because papaya juice may improve your digestion as well as enhance your skin’s beauty.

Does papaya leaves increase platelet count?

As per recent study drinking, papaya leaves water may increase your platelet counts. If you have dengue fever then papaya leaves juice can be beneficial for you.

What are the side effects of papaya leaf juice?

Excess of everything is bad and the same rule is applied to papaya leaves juice too. It has side effects if you took it in excess or higher than prescribed and the side effects symptoms are bloating, indigestion, motion loss, and stomach pain. Rush to your doctor if you find any of these symptoms.

Is papaya leaves good for the kidney?

As per the health ministry taking papaya leaves in moderation can enhance your platelets. Dengue patients will notice a significant increase in platelets when they drink papaya leaves juice on a regular basis.

How do you take papaya leaves?

It is so simple to take papaya leaves. Take fresh papaya leaves and wash them properly. Now add them into half glass of water and boil it on low flame for 15 minutes.

Is Papaya leaf juice good for the liver?

Papaya leaves juice is used to detoxify the liver in ancient times. You can drink papaya leaf juice to detoxify and repair your damaged liver.

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