orange fruit health benefits
Fruits Health Benefits

Orange Health Benefits

Orange is listed as a high fiber fruit (1) as well as a natural fat burner which has lots of benefits like boosting sexual performance, enhancing eye vision, good for skin, modulate blood circle, avert constipation, good gum, and dental health, and lots more.

Orange is sweet and sour in taste and round in shape. This fruit is hybrid of pomelo and mandarin(2). Brazil is the largest producer of oranges worldwide they produce 24% of oranges. Orange other names are Citrus aurantium, Citrus sinensis. It is assumed that this fruit is originated from southern China, northeastern India, and Indo-China (3).

Orange has 170 divergent phytochemicals and plentiful flavonoids which lead to lots of health benefits. The taste of oranges is very sweet and tangy. Adding orange juice to your daily breakfast can lead to a healthy lifestyle. This fruit is very rich in Vitamin C.

What Are The Uses of Orange?

This juicy fruit can be used in many ways in your daily needs. Using can be in these portions Eat as a fruit, drink as a juice, used as beauty products like peel off, face wash, used in tropical drinks for children, and lots of other ways to use oranges. Check our latest blog about Oranges Facts

Nutrition Value of Orange (per 1000g)

  • Calories:470
  • Carbohydrate: 120 G
  • Dietary fiber: 24 G
  • Calcium: 40%RDI
  • Vitamin C: 90% RDI
  • Vitamin A: 8% RDI
  • Iron: 2%RDI

Surprising Health Benefits of Oranges

Oranges have lots of health benefits. Below you will find the facts and benefits of eating oranges.

1. Superior Fruit in Pregnancy

orange benefits in pregnancy

Oranges are very rich in folate that is the main reason orange can be helpful for pregnant ladies because this element is very crucial for fetus growth. Nursing mothers can be intake orange juice, orange tea, or orange fruit. Uses of this fruit can be very helpful for pregnant women. Also, Read Disadvantages of Mangoes

2. Good For Your Eyes

orange fruit benefits for eye
Orange fruit benefits for eye

Oranges are a very good source of carotenoids and vitamin A which is helpful to maintain eye mucous membranes healthy. Vitamin A also averts age-related muscle degeneration which can cause blindness in old age. The flavonoids in this fruit lead to enhance your vision and eye health(4).

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3. Shiny and Healthy Hair

Oranges are a very good source of vitamin C and vitamin C is all responsible for hair nutrition and strongness. You have to do a simple home remedy to use orange as a conditioner for your hair. Oil your hair and Take 1 cup of orange juice and apply it on your hair for 20 minutes. Now wash your hair with water and wash it with shampoo. Repeat this once a week and do this natural remedy for 3 weeks so we will see amazing results.

4. Boost your Sex Drive

Orange contains clement aphrodisiac elements which can boost the sexual performance of both males and females. This tangy fruit can helps you with erectile problems, impotence, low libido, less interest in sex, and other sex-related issues. Orange plays a very important role in the enhancement of sex interest, sex drive, and sex hormones.

5. Improves the Hair Growth

In Today’s time, lots of people are suffering from hair growth and gaining a problem. Vitamin E and vitamin B12 are responsible for strong hair and its growth. Applying orange juice may reduce hair fall and thinness.

6. Decrease The Chances of Cancer

This tangy fruit accommodates elements like D- limonene which averts lung cancer, breast cancer as well as skin cancer. Oranges are high in fiber that is the main reason it prevents and reduces the chances of colon cancer(5). Vitamin C and antioxidants both are rich elements that make orange anti-cancer fruit as well as boosts our immune system. According to a recent study, most cancer cases occur due to mutations in the DNA(6) which can be averted with the intake of Vitamin C.

7. Avert Kidney Stones

orange benefits in kidney stones

Our kidneys remove waste and fluid from our blood to produce urine. But sometimes excess waste and fluid can build together and shape in a hard form which converts into kidney stones. These stones are very painful and harmful also. The shortage of Citrate in urine can also be the main reason behind kidney stones. Oranges boost the citrate level in your urine which prevents kidney stones. This fruit also contains calcium which averts kidney stones(7).

8. Cure Asthma and Respiratory Disease

Oranges can be useful if you have Asthma problem because it contains properties like citrus bioflavonoids. These elements decrease the reactivity of mast cells that can cause asthma attacks. Regular intake of oranges juice can reduce the chances of asthma attacks and lead to a healthy respiratory system(8).

9. Helpful in Constipation

Oranges are very handy if you are suffering from digestion-related diseases like constipation, irregular bowel movements, etc. Constipation is a situation when you have irregular bowel movements and facing difficulties passing stool. This situation mostly arrives when you drink less water. This fruit is very high in fiber that is the main reason that oranges are very beneficial in constipation. A recent study proves that adding fiber to your diet can reduce the chances of constipation(9).

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10. Improves Dental Health

orange benefits for teeth

As we all know Oral health is leading to healthy living life. Your gums and dental health should be your priority if you want to live a healthy life. Orange has a very good source of citrus and when we chew and eat oranges it strengthens our gums and blood vessels of the mouth as well as cleans our teeth with its citric acid elements. Vitamin C in the oranges helps us to decrease gum swelling. Bleeding gums can be healed by eating oranges.

11. Orange Stress Booster Fruit

Stress and anxiety both are very common health problems nowadays. Due to our hectic schedule and heavy workloads, most of the time we are suffering from stress, and eating stress reliever pills may be a dangerous thing for your health after some time so we will discuss the natural home remedy to relieve the stress.

Orange juice can be a good natural treatment for stress and hypertension. The simple recipe is drinking 1 glass of orange juice daily and do this for continues 90 days so will get relief from hypertension and stress.

12. High In Vitamin C

Oranges are a very good source of vitamin C(10). Every 100 g of orange contains 53.2mg of vitamin C. Daily intake of vitamin C is reduce the chances of colon cancer and repair the DNA damage. This vitamin has lots of other benefits like the repair of body damaged tissues, wound healing, absorption of iron, Good immune system, and lots more(11).

13. Make Your Bones Stronger

Oranges are also a very good source of calcium. If you intake oranges daily in your diet then no need to worry about weak bones and muscles in old age because oranges make your bone stronger. Orange juice is really helpful if you are suffering from arthritis(12) because it is very rich in Vitamin C which heals arthritis. Anti-inflammatory Elements in orange juice can avert Rheumatoid Arthritis.

14. Succour Weight Loss

Oranges contain high fiber which can be very useful in weight loss(13). If you are very fond of sweets then orange can be a substitute and a healthy choice too.

15. Protect Your Immune System

Because oranges are a very high source of vitamin C which can enhance your immune system(14). This fruit has lots of other elements like copper and folate which are very necessary to the functioning of the immune system. Vitamin C also averts cold and ear infections.

16. Balance Your Blood Pressure

Vitamin B6 is responsible to produce hemoglobin and control the blood pressure in the human body. Oranges are a very good source of Vitamin B6 and magnesium. According to a recent study states that if you consume an orange a day then it reduces the chances of diseases like high blood pressure(15).

17. Decrease The Cholesterol Level

Another benefit of orange is, it can control your cholesterol level because of elements like citrus Polymethoxylated and flavones. These elements can lower cholesterol without any side effects. High fiber in orange can prevent cholesterol to observe into your digestive area(16).

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQS)

What Happens if You Eat Oranges Every Day?

Eating oranges in moderation can be good for your overall health but a higher intake of oranges can side effects too and cause serious health problems like abdominal cramps, diarrhea, etc.

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What are The Benefits of Eating An Orange?

If you eat one orange in a day, it will give you minerals, multivitamins, and many other useful elements. Oranges are very rich in vitamin C and fiber which provide you good digestion, immune system, and are useful for the skin.

How Many Oranges Should I Eat a Day?

1 piece of an orange contains 51 mg vitamin C and you have to take only as your body daily needs. overeating orange can cause serious digestive problems like constipation, mood swings and pain from acid, etc.

What are The Benefits of Orange For Skin

All of us know Orange is very rich in citric acid which helps exfoliation of the skin. Most cosmetic companies use orange extract in their beauty products like orange facewash, orange peel, and lots more other products. So definitely orange has many skin-related benefits.

Orange Benefits for Men

Men’s body structure and internal organs are different from women and also men have different dietary needs rather than women’s. Men need potassium which is very essential to regulate nerve, metabolism, and heart functionalities. Oranges are a very good source of dietary potassium so adding oranges to your regular diet can be beneficial for you.

Are Eating Oranges has Side Effects?

Oranges are great for skin, health, and hair but only if you eat them in moderation but excess use of everything can be harmful to you. Yes eating too many oranges have side effects like the high value of uric acid, acidity, heartburn, and other side effects too. If you feel any of these symptoms after eating oranges then it is advisable to concern your doctor or physician.

Can Eating Orange Peel Lead To Weight Loss

Orange peel is a rich source of dietary fiber and all we know dietary fiber is very helpful to reduce body fat. Oranges also are very rich in vitamin C and it promotes fat burn and reduces extra tummy fat.

Is orange good for hair?

Oranges contain a high amount of vitamin C and flavonoids that can stimulate scalp blood circulation and it is good for hair growth and regrown.

Do oranges help hair growth?

Oranges are very helpful to the growth of your hair because it has vitamin C and flavonoids which improves the blood circulation over the scalp.

Does orange burn fat?

oranges are low-calorie fruit that makes them weight-loss-friendly fruit. You can add an orange a day if you want to reduce your belly fat because it is a very high fiber and low-calorie fruit.

Can I rub an orange on my face?

Rubbing orange on your face has lots of benefits for glowing skin. Because this fruit is a high amount of citric acid that makes this fruit skin tonic. You can use raw orange for your face to rub.

How To Eat the Orange Peel?

You can direct bite and chew the orange peel internal area. It is better to eat in small portion sizes because it averts stomach pain and indigestion problems.

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