Kodo Millet Benefits
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Kodo Millet Benefits

Kodo millet is produced in Hilly areas also known as Sanwa rice in Hindi. Its taste is similar to broken rice after cooked. It is essentially used as a staple food in numerous parts of India especially in the Southern and Northern States of India like Tamil Naidu, UP and Andhra Pradesh. It is a good source of nutrients and fibres which is beneficial for health. Traditionally, it is used as a medicine for skin problems, diarrhoea and blood-related issues.

Kodo Millet Nutritional Profile

1. Low in GI (Glycaemic Index) – Various Studies have shown Barnyard Millet or Kodo Millet has GI associated with carbohydrate content. Thus, it can be helpful for patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

2. Low in Calories – It has the least caloric compact than other cereals and is an essential source of highly consumable protein. One time consumption of Kodo Millet approximately 25g contains 1.5-1.9 of protein & 75 to 83 calories.

3. Gluten Free – like all cereals, Kodo Millet is also gluten-free, making it extreme healthier.

4. Essential Source of Iron- It has various properties which are full of a high amount of iron. Almost, one serving of Kodo Millet especially raw millet contains 18.6 mg iron. It is one of the richest of all cereal grains.

5. Soluble and Insoluble Fibre – It contains approx. 12.6% soluble and 8.4 insoluble fibre which helps in preventing excess acidity, cramping, constipation issues and bloating.

Benefits of Eating Kodo Millet

1. Adding Kodo Millet to one’s diet will have several benefits. Postmenopausal Women suffering from metabolic issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease can consume it regularly.

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2. It helps to control high blood sugar levels.

3. It helps to prevent constipation and hydrate the colon.

4. A high amount of Lecithin in Kodo Millet helps in firming the nervous system.

5. It can use for treating general encumbrance, outflows and inflammation.

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