Is Pomegranate Good For Diabetes
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Is Pomegranate Good For Diabetes

If you are diabetic or anyone in your family are, then you must be receiving a lot of free health tips from your near and dear ones. It is definitely true that you need to be very careful about the food you consume. You cannot just add anything to your plate. But can you add Pomegranate to that plate of food when you are diabetic? This is a very common question as fruits are proven to have sugar at a high level. But the pomegranate is proven to reduce or control several symptoms related to diabetes.

Can Diabetics Eat Pomegranate?

  1. Pomegranates are a very good source of anti-oxidants. Diabetic patients opt for green tea, but you will be able to find three times more anti-oxidants in pomegranate. Any damage caused by diabetes can be handled with the help of this fruit.
  2. The Glycaemic level of this fruit is just 18 and hence it is one of the best fruits for diabetic patients. You will have to make sure the GL value is less than 55 before you consume it and this is a safe fruit.
  3. Pomegranate is proven to be beneficial to diabetic people, but all you should keep in mind is you should not take it in excess. It can be consumed in the form of both fruit and juice as well. When taking in the form of juice, you should not add any sugar to it. You can also consume it as a whole for more benefits. Make sure that you are taking it in the morning or noon, and avoid taking it after the evening.
  4. This fruit does not affect your blood sugar levels when taken in the right quantity and at the right time. Pomegranate is as healthy as any other fruit for diabetic people. You can consume pomegranate in a limit if you have diabetes.
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