Interesting Facts about eggs

Interesting Facts about Eggs

Eggs are the hard-shelled reproduction live produces by the birds and eatable by humans. Almost every bird produces eggs like chicken, ducks, turkey, pigeons, parrots, and geese but chicken eggs are the most consumable eggs on this planet and it also has the two varieties like white egg and brown egg.

Today we discuss the unknown and interesting facts about eggs for kids and humans. Let’s check the egg interesting facts below.

Chicken Eggs: Chicken eggs are the most consuming egg on the planet and 90 percent of people prefer chicken egg rather than any other bird egg. It is very tasty and healthy as well.

2 Eggs a day: If you are eating too many eggs in a day then you have to limit 2 eggs a day because as per the nutrition value an egg contains 186 MG of cholesterol and we need 300 MG cholesterol for our daily body needs.

Hormones Free Eggs: Yes chicken eggs and meat are hormones free. According to FDA rule in 1950 no chicken or meat containing the hormones as per rule. This is why chicken and eggs are completely hormones free and safe to eat for everyone.

280 Eggs in a year: Yes you heard it right one leghorn chicken produces the 280 eggs in a year approximately. Leghorn chickens are mature quickly and very light in weight and they produce the egg very quickly. They produce 280 to 320 eggs per year.

Boiled Egg: From 5000 BC people are more likely to eat boil eggs rather than any other form of eggs. As boil eggs have more nutrition than pan egg or any other dish of the egg.

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Egg Shell Colors Facts
Egg Shell Colors Facts

Egg Shell Color: Eggs have different colors and varieties like blue, green, brown and white. But it is proven that egg nutrition value does not depend upon its shell color. So white egg has the same nutrition as blue, green or brown egg.

Scrambled Eggs: As it is unknown to date that who found the egg scrambling method. However, we humans scrambling eggs for decades and it is quite common for breakfast. Ancient Romans are the people who first made omelets. These facts about eggs are very ancient.

Egg Yolk Color & Nutrition: Egg yolk color can be pale yellow, light yellow and deep orange. It all depends upon the hen diet. As nutrition value and protein will remain the same as its not any dependent on the color of egg yolk. As per recent study dark yolks contains the most potent antioxidants that can store more fat and absorb the harmful toxins in the human body.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQS)

Is it bad to eat eggs every day?

Eating 2 eggs a day is completely safe for human being and it also has positive effects and health benefits. But eating more than 2 eggs a day may have side effects like constipation, diarrhea, increasing high cholesterol, and other digestion related problems.

What are the benefits of eating eggs?

Eggs are a very rich source of protein and calcium. one white egg contains a good amount of vitamin b2 and it also helps to lose weight. facts about eggs are If you plan to lose your extra belly fat then eating 2 egg whites a day can really have the awesome benefits for you.

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