Indian Diet Chart For Diabetic Patients
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Indian Diet Chart For Diabetic Patients

The worst part of having diabetes is that you might have to avoid your favorite food or category of foods. But with moderation, you can have your favorite foods and still never supper from a spike or decrement in your blood sugar levels. Today we are bringing an Indian diet chart for Diabetic Patients and our valuable readers. Let us discuss everything in it.

Early Morning:

• Many people like adding fenugreek seeds into hot water for their known benefits for diabetics and consume it daily.
• If you do not like consuming hot water try having 4-5 pieces of almonds preferably soaked overnight in water.


If you are not a fan of bland breakfasts try choosing something from the options given below:

• Veg Dalia Upma with a cup of green tea.
• Two chapatis with a bowl of your favorite green vegetable. With this, you can also consume a small cup of curd.
• Whole grain or multigrain bread slices (toasted or untoasted) with an egg (for non-vegetarians) or lots of vegetables (for vegetarians).
• Moong chillas with one boiled egg (for non-vegetarians) or green chutney.


This is the time when you would want a little number of whole foods. Our options are:

• Salad that has finely chopped cucumber, tomato, and onions (all raw). Add some coriander leaves for a fresh taste.
• Any seasonal fruit of your choice.
• Sprout salad with your favorite sprouts and veggies cut finely.

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Our special options for lunch include –

• Two small chappatis with either chickpeas or rajma (one bowl), a dry vegetable (one bowl), and half a cup of raita or curd.
• Two small chappatis with baked or roasted fish, any vegetable curry that you like, and a cup of raita.
• Vegetable khichdi with your favorite pickle.
• Brown rice with a big bowl of dal and a bowl of green leafy vegetables.

Evening Snacks:

Snacking between 4-5 PM is an ideal time. during this period a person with diabetes may consume:

• A fistful of boiled or roasted chana.
• A glass of buttermilk.
• One whole fruit such as orange or apple.


Make sure that you do not forget to eat veggies in this meal. Our preferable options for you are:

• A bowl of mixed salad, two chappatis, one bowl of lentils, cooked mixed vegetables (one bowl)
• A bowl of mixed salad, two chappatis, two to three chicken pieces (roasted), cooked mixed vegetables (one bowl)
Vegetable salty Dalia with a glass of buttermilk and cucumber salad.
• Chicken stew or chicken soup with two boiled eggs.

The Bottom Line:

This was a general diet plan. If you are confused or in dilemma; consulting with your doctor will be a good idea. This Indian Diet Chart for Diabetic Patients can be really helpful.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

What is The Best Diet For Diabetics?

If you have diabetes or high blood sugar then you have to add high fiber foods, a less protein diet, green vegetables, almonds, and nuts. Always cook your food with olive oil or canola oil.

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