Indian Borage Benefits
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Indian Borage Benefits

Indian Borage has unlimited health benefits. Indian borage is an ingredient of versatile benefits to humans. Indian Borage’s scientific name is plectranthus amboinicus and it is also known as Mexican mint and coleus amboinicus. Have you ever heard about the popular chapatti dish of India made with a hint of Indian borage? It has uncountable advantages for your body and health. We are hereafter brief research about Indian borage to enable you about its health benefits. Various agricultural scientists refer to this plant for the treatment of several ailments.

You can either consume this as a whole or mix it on a recipe. Both ways, it is efficient to make your health better. It is otherwise known as Mexican mint. It can tolerate various climate changes. This plant does not require too much water for proper vegetation. However, let us not deviate from our topic. Indian borage is widely used to prepare herbal medicines. Here are some health benefits of the Indian borage:

1. Skincare Benefits

Indian Borage Benefits for skincare

It is a perfect healer for any kind of inflammation on the skin. Whether it is a mild irritation from an insect bite or allergic reaction, the application of Indian borage will help to treat it. Also, it cures acne problems. People use it widely because of its richness of vitamin C content. It helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing forever.

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2. Reduces Mental Pressure

It is extremely common for people to suffer from mental stress due to several reasons. We are observing that the tendency to deteriorate brain function by increasing stress and anxiety is prevailing these days. Consumption of Indian borage seeds helps to soothe your brain. It releases certain hormones that work to lift your mood.

3. Aids in Digestion

The Indian borage is effective against several bowel ailments. Whether it is mild abdominal pain or you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, the consumption of tea prepared from Indian borage leaves will relieve your symptoms.

4. Treats Mild Respiratory Problems

The brew herbal tea prepared from Indian borage leaves plays a primary role in treating several respiratory functions. It includes anything from a stuffy nose to coughing or sneezing. Therefore, it has functions in multiple organs.

5. Reduces Fever

Indian Borage can treat Fever

Do you remember how doctors recommend sweating out more to bring the body temperature down? The Indian borage works similarly to reduce the body temperature from hyperthermia to normal.


We hope that all the points mentioned above will help you to analyze more about this plant. Thanks for connecting with us. Have a great and healthy life ahead!

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