Ice Apple Benefits
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Ice Apple Benefits

Ice apple is a summer fruit & it is also called Tadgola or Nungu. It has cooling effects and is packed with essential nutrients & many health benefits. It is in tan color from its outer portion and in a pale white translucent color from inside. It gives an instant sweet taste when consumed.

Nutrition Facts & Value

It is a good source of dietary nutrient levels like phytonutrients, carbohydrates, calcium, and other minerals. It also has dietary fiber, protein, and vitamins K, E, A, and C, as well as minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, potassium, and iron. As a result, it is a fantastic fruit for your health.

This seasonal and locally grown fruit aids in weight loss because it contains water, and when consumed, it provides a feeling of fullness that lasts throughout the day, allowing people to avoid bingeing on junk food.

 Ice Apple Health Benefits

1. Helps in preventing Heat Stroke

By including ice apple or Tadgola in your daily diet, you can avoid heat strokes and other health problems. It contains a high concentration of water, which helps to keep the body hydrated & prevent heat stroke.

2. Maintains body temperature

During the summer, the fruit acts as a natural coolant, assisting the body in maintaining its normal temperature.

3. Increase energy

Because of the high in calories mineral material found in the ice apple, it can supply energy to the human body when consumed. As a result, the body never becomes fatigued or weak during the summer, and the body retains its freshness.

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4. Helps with digestive issues

The herb ice apple is an excellent natural remedy for a wide range of digestive problems, such as constipation and acidity. It also aids in the alleviation of nausea, cramps, and constipation which is common during a pregnant woman’s pregnancy. An ice apple assists in improving breast milk quality too.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Ice Apple Good For Diabetics?

Ice apple contains high sugar and people who are suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes should avoid eating a high amount of ice apple fruit.

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