How many pushups in a day
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How Many Push-ups in a Day

Push-ups very ancient and evergreen exercise to strengthen your upper body. All we have always one question in mind that How Many Push-ups in a Day are good for our body and Strength. Doing push-ups regularly has many benefits. The best thing about push-ups that you don’t need any equipment, condition and more area to do them. This core exercise is the best way to boost your metabolism and body shape and one more thing doing push-ups is so simple.

How To Do Push-ups?

How Many Push-ups in a Day?

Push-ups are the basic exercise of any strength training or program. But this exercise is not easy as you think if you are a beginner then push-ups can be a mess for you. So start according to your body strength. If you are a beginner then two sets of 10 repetitions can be sufficient for you. Regular practice of this exercise may result in more repetitions and sets over time. It all up to you how many push-ups you can do in a day like some people can do 400 push-ups in a day and many people are not able to do 20 push-ups. If you are overweight then be careful when you doing push-ups.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Push-ups

Before starting push-ups you have these things in mind. Followings are the points to remember when you start your push-ups routine exercises.

  1. Obesity: If you are overweight then you have to be very careful to start a push-ups routine. You can Starts from 10 or even 5 push-ups in a day and increase by one or two on daily basis. You will notice more powerful than ever before.
  2. Warm-Up: Before starting your push-ups schedule done a 10-minute warm-up session. Warm-ups can prevent cramps and muscle hamstrings.
  3. Posture: Always be in mind that whenever you are doing push-ups you have to straighten up your back and face. It will help your core more effectively.
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