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Home Remedies For Heartburn

Heartburn is a common problem caused by acid reflux and one more thing heartburn is not a disease and not any relation with your heart. This is a gastrointestinal movement that occurs when you eat excess food, oily food, spicy food, or any kind of acidic food.

Heartburn is an uncomfortable condition and very dangerous sometimes. Don’t worry if you have heartburn problems we have natural home remedies to treat heartburn quickly. Let us discuss how to recover from heartburn and acidity.

Effective Home Remedies To Cure Heartburn
Effective Home Remedies To Cure Heartburn

Heartburn Symptoms

  • Burning Feeling in the center area of the chest.
  • Severe Coughing
  • Change in taste and mood like acidic, salty, hot and sour.
  • Burning feeling in the throat.
  • Soar hiccups.

How To Get Rid of Heartburn Fast

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Eating Ginger
  3. Loosen your clothes
  4. Eat OTC Medicines
  5. Baking soda with water
  6. Fennel Seeds
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Jaggery
  9. Buttermilk
  10. Apple Cider vinegar
  11. Chew a gum
  12. Stand up Straight
  13. Stop eating sugary foods
  14. Coconut Water
  15. Drink Plain soda

1. Quit Smoking

People know the bad effects of smoking and it can cause cancer and other respirational diseases. Smoking can also give you Heartburn. Heartburn chances are high if you are a chain smoker(1). So if you are suffering from heartburn and also you are a chain smoker then you have to quit your smoking habits.

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2. Eating Ginger

Ginger is used to treating heartburn from ancient times. Ginger has features like digestion-friendly and anti-inflammatory properties(2). You can chew a small slice of ginger to control the stomach acids value in your tummy.

You can add ginger into your regular diet in lots of ways like ginger tea, add ginger into vegetables, ginger with honey, chew ginger slice, ginger juice with lemon or honey, etc.

3. Loosen Your Clothes

Heartburn occurs when your eaten food rises up on the esophagus where stomach acid may burn your tissues. Because tight clothing can compress your tummy area which can cause heartburn.

So loosen your clothes is the first thing to do if you are facing heartburn trouble or any kind of gastric issues.

4. Eat OTC Medicines

OTC medicines are also an alternative to cure heartburn problems. It is not a home remedy but you can also opt for otc medicine to treat the heartburn problem. Here are lots of OTC medicines available in the market to cure heartburn.

5. Baking Soda With Water

It has the ability to cure acidity or heartburn quickly. Baking soda is available mostly in everyone’s kitchen because it is food intake. You have to do 1/2 spoon baking soda in the glass of water mix it and drink it. These heartburn home remedies can quickly cure the heartburn problem.

6. Fennel Seeds

Saunf or fennel seeds have anti acidic properties so it is advisable to eat 1 spoon of fennel seeds and sugar after every meal. You can also add Saunf into your regular tea because it is very useful in heartburn and acidity. According to a recent study people who take fennel seeds after every meal have the least chances of indigestion and heartburn-related problems.

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7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice mostly used in south Asia and nearly areas. In India, people knew cinnamon as Dalchini and it has lots of health benefits too. Dalchini works as an antiacid. Regular intake of cinnamon can averts problems like heartburn, gastric problems, diabetes, weight gain, and many more.

You can eat cinnamon in powder form or you can make tea with it. It is as sour in taste as bitter melon but useful for our health.

8. Jaggery

Do you know why our elder parents eat jaggery after every meal? Yes because of its high magnesium elements, anti acidic properties and it also strengthens our intestines.

Jaggery increases the alkaline value in your stomach which leads to reduce stomach acids. So make a regular habit to eat a small piece of jaggery after every meal. It will stay away from problems like bloating, heartburn, and gastric problems.

9. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a very good source of lactic acid which neutralizes stomach acid. So if you are facing any trouble related to gastric or heartburn after a heavy meal then take one glass of Satvic food Buttermilk/Lassi. For taste and more benefit, you can add black pepper and salt into it.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and add it to one glass of water. Drink this home remedy on a regular basis it will help you to digest food and avoids heartburn and acidity.

11. Chew A Gum

According to a recent study states that if you chew gum for half an hour after every meal it averts heartburn and gastric problems(3). The reason why chew gum is helpful in heartburn is when you chew gum then it produces saliva which helps our food to digest. These heartburn home remedies may have cured it.

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12. Stand Up Straight

Your body posture is also the reason behind heartburn. If you are lying or sitting then stand up now or if you are already standing then try to stand straight.

13. Stop Eating Sugary Foods

If you like sweets more than other foods and suffering from regular heartburns and acidity then you have to stop eating sweets from today onwards because it can increase stomach acids.

14. Coconut Water

Drinking coconut water is increasing and neutralizes the alkaline level in your body. Coconut water also creates mucous in the stomach area which helps our stomach from harmful effects of acid production. Coconut is also high in dietary fiber which leads to good digestion and anti-acidic elements.

15. Drink Plain Soda

Drinking plain soda can fast the digestion process which leads to getting relief from heartburn and acidity. You can add black pepper and lemon to it for good results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How Can I Get Rid of Heartburn

Here are lots of ways and home remedies to get rid of heartburn some of them are: Loose up your clothing, baking soda with water, coconut water, buttermilk, and many more.

How To Get Rid of Heartburn When Pregnant

Heartburn and digestion-related problems are very common in pregnancy. but if you do a positive change in your regular eating habits then it will help you to get rid of heartburn.
1. Eat slowly and properly chew your bites.
2. Avoid spicy foods
3. Don’t drink water with eating
4. Avoid gastric foods.

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