Guavaberry Benefits
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Guavaberry Benefits

Guavaberry or Myrciaria floribunda is the same plant. It is an evergreen tree that belongs or originates from the Myrtle family. It is a native of Caribbean country. This plant is available in countries like South America, Cuba, and parts of Jamaica. You can also get this plant in Haiti and Puerto Rico.

However, this plant is also introduced in countries like Florida and the Philippines. The plant comes with ample health benefits. The size of the fruit of this plant is almost half of that of cherry. This plant is known by different names in different places. In some places, it is called Ramberry, Guavaberry. The plant grows up to a size of 17 cm. It almost takes the shape of a shrub. It always prefers to grow in fertile soil. You can get an aromatic flavor of the plant, and this makes it unique. The attractive-looking tree is best for its medicinal values. It is a good thing.

Benefits of Guavaberry

Here you will learn about some of the benefits of Guavaberry.

  1. Guavaberry juice is excellent in treating sores and anti-fungal issues. It is a good one.
  2. The inner bark and the leaves of the tree can be used after boiling as an antiseptic.
  3. If you have liver complaints, you can use this plant for treating the issues. Most people prefer to use it.
  4. It is found that taking Guavaberry can help to fight against issues like cancer, cardio vascular matters, and several other problems. You can try it for a better experience.
  5. The berries are boiled for treating liver treatment.
  6. You must remember is that as Guavaberry is rich in Vitamin C, it is better to avoid it during the pregnancy period.
  7. Megadoses may be harmful to the patient who has just given birth to a baby.
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