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Foods To Avoid With High Blood Sugar

People who suffer from high blood sugar or Diabetes can eat most types of food. However, it is still necessary for them to avoid some foods that can affect their health in adverse ways. Let us know what these foods/categories of foods are.

1. Baked Goods and Sweets

Baked Products Not Good For High Blood Sugar

As you know, these types of foods are rich in processed carbohydrates. Other than that, they also contain added sugars in them. They also do not have nutrients in them. Hence, avoiding them will be right for you.

2. Grains Rich in Starch

Grains Rich in Starch Value not good for High Blood Sugar

Generally, all grains are rich in starch. One of the grains that must be avoided by diabetic patients is white rich. It is the most abundant source of starch and is proved to cause a noticeable increment in the sugar levels of blood. Additionally, one must also try to avoid foods that are made using refined and white flour.

3. Sweetened Beverages

Beverages Not For High Blood Sugar

This is a prevalent category of drinks that everyone should avoid. However, we still wanted to discuss them here. When you add sugar to your beverage, you are merely increasing the carbs and just carbs. They get loaded with high amounts of fructose, and this substance is highly linked to diabetes.

4. Breakfast Cereals

Cereals Not Good For High Blood Sugar

Let’s be honest; almost 90% of breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar. It does more harm than good when you have diabetes. Instead of having cereals in breakfast, try having oatmeal. It will make you feel energized as oats are loaded with complex carbohydrates.

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5. Honey

honey not good for diabetes

It is a widespread misconception that honey has natural sugar, and you can consume it as much as you want. The truth is honey can also cause blood sugar spikes very quickly. These days, factories have also started adding extra sugars in honey to enhance the taste. Avoiding honey from your diet will only do good things, especially if you often suffer from hyperglycemia. 

6. Packaged Snacks

Packed Snacks Side Effects in diabetes

All the snacks in supermarket shelves are made using refined flour. The refined white flour is used because it is cheap and more comfortable to work with. It also adds the texture and crisp in the snack. All these nutrient-less snacks are only making your body have easy to break carbs that can make your sugar levels go up in just a few minutes after consumption. Please, avoid these foods if you have high blood sugar.


These were the six types of foods that one must avoid if he/she has High Blood Sugar or diabetes. You can also try researching some more to know about other categories of food that will cause havoc in blood sugar levels. Furthermore, you can also consult your doctor to get more detailed information.

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