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Fig Juice Uses and Benefits

Fig or Anjeer is a dry fruit and it comes from Asia. This fruit is full of nutrients like vitamin C, Potassium, and lots of health benefits such as good in Anemia, Skin, averts constipation, and lots of other benefits. Fig is a low-fat fruit that can also be a substitute for milk and the perfect fruit juice for vegan people.

What are Fig/Anjeer and types?

Fig is mostly known as Anjeer in India and other nearby countries. Figs are sweet in taste and red in color with lots of seeds inside the skin. This juicy dry fruit is also called natural candy because of the high value of sugar content in it. The fig tree comes from the mulberry family and is mostly found in Asian countries. Generally, people like to eat Figs in their dry form. Figs have different types and colors as follows.

  • Sierra Figs
  • Brown Turkey
  • Kadota Figs
  • Black Mission Figs

What is Fig Juice and How to make it?

Fig juice can be made of dried and fresh Anjeer. This juice is very sweet and also can be mixed with other fruit juices. Anjeer juice has many health benefits for women who suffered from anemia and bone problems because it may heal anemia and increase bone density in women.

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Fig Juice Nutrition Value

Fig juice has a very good amount of nutrition and health benefits like calories, carbohydrates, proteins, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, and iron.

1. Strengthen your Vision

Fig Juice Strengthen your Vision

Drinking Fig juice daily can enhance your vision and overall eye health. After the age of 45 lots of people faces macular degeneration problems that occur in the eye and blur vision.

2. Good For Skin

Daily consumption of fig juice can avert skin problems like warts, pimples, and sores. Antioxidants and vitamins in Anjeer juice may repair and rejuvenate your skin. You can also apply Anjeer juice on your skin as a facial and form of face pack.

3. Cure Piles & Digestion Problems

If you are suffering from regular constipation or piles problems then Fig juice natural home remedy can treat your piles’ problem. This vitamin b6 rich fruit can regulate your bowel movements which lead to curing constipation and chronic disease like piles. Fig juice is rich in dietary fiber which soothes your stool passing and makes your piles less painful.

4. Grow Hair

Fig juice has high nutrients like vitamin E, Vitamin C, and antioxidants that may promote your hair health. So if you drink regularly fig juice then it may strengthen your hair follicles and averts hair loss.

5. Averts Kidney Stones

Kidney or bladder stones occur when excess minerals accumulate gradually in the form of stones. Fig juice may treat your bladder or kidney stones with its rich nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQS)

Is fig juice good for health?

Fig juice is a perfect juice to build your good health. This fruit is filled with nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals that can heal health problems like constipation, piles, kidney stones, psoriasis, and hair health. Consumption of fig juice may also be good for your bone and muscle health.

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Does fig juice increase weight?

Fig juice is high in calories that ensure you to increase weight if taken as per advised. It is better to eat the dry form of fig to body weight gain.

How many figs should I eat per day?

2-3 dry figs are sufficient to eat in a day. As it may provide you dietary fiber and minerals that fulfill your daily requirements.

Can we drink fig soaked water?

Fig soaked water may also help to fulfill your body’s nutrient requirement. But it advisable is to drink fig juice because it has more health benefits.

Is fig juice benefits for pregnancy?

Fig juice is a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber as it leads to good digestion if you drink fig juice.

Figs benefits for sperm

Figs have a history of enhancing sperm quality and fertile health. Eating or drinking figs juice can be really beneficial for good quality sperm and helpful for pregnancy.

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