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Facts To Know About Oranges

Orange is a juicy, sweet, and tangy fruit. This fruit has 600 types and varieties all across the world. but Valencia orange is famous worldwide for its juicy taste.

Oranges have many health benefits like being rich in vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Minerals, flavonoids, and rich fiber fruit. You can also check our latest post about Orange Health Benefits

Facts to know about Oranges

Oranges have 600 varieties worldwide.

Orange comes from the berry fruit family.

Blood Orange: This fruit also comes in blood color from inside. People who lived in European and Christian countries believed that blood orange is a symbol of the death of Jesus. This is the least unknown orange fact.

Dry orange peel with sugar powder can be added to the Christmas cake as decoration ingredients.

Oranges are hybrid of Chinese grapefruit, tangerine, and pomelo.

The orange tree is an evergreen flowering tree that heights 30 to 35 ft on average. This tree can also live for hundreds of years.

These fruit flowers are white in color and have a great fragrance.

Orange has the highest amount of dietary fiber in it. This fact made this fruit fiber-rich fruit.

Orange fruit peel can be used as vegetables and fruit slug repellent. That is why it is used by farmers all in some Asian countries.

The best way to store an orange is to lose it rather than pack it in bags. This fruit develops mold if they are together because they are moisture-rich fruits.

King of Tropical: Orange is known as the best tropical fruit, in fact, it comes first in the fruits that can be used for tropical juices. 80 percent of the orange crops are used for tropical juices and skincare products. Only a 20 percent orange crop is used as a whole fruit.

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Room Freshener: Orange extracts and dry orange pulp can be used to enhance your room’s fragrance and remove the odor from it.

Symbol of Love: Orange trees are also known as symbols of love and it is widely used in marriages in many countries. This is why you see orange trees in many couple photos background.

Most Planted Fruit: Valencia oranges are the most planted orange category and variety all across the world.

Citrus Fruit: This fruit is the king of citrus fruit and stores the highest value of citrus in it compared to other fruits. This is why orange also called Citrus X Sinensis in the science language.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are there any Orange Tree Facts?

Yes, oranges and orange trees both have unlimited facts. An orange tree can live for more than 100 years. The orange tree is known as a symbol of love.

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