Eating These Foods Can Raise Your Blood Sugar
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Eating These Foods Can Raise Your Blood Sugar

A rise in blood sugar could be a good thing if your blood sugar level is too low, however, if the blood sugar level is optimum, then consuming food with sugar could make you prone to issues like diabetes and strokes. This is why it is very important that you avoid the food mentioned below. The reasons are also mentioned with each food.

List Of Foods That Raise Blood Sugar Level

1. White Rice

A majority of people around the world consume white rice, which is one of the common staple foods. It has been the staple food for a long time, and no one had any idea that white rice could cause diabetes. However, a recent study indicates that people who consume white rice frequently have a 16 percent greater chance of developing diabetes and increasing blood sugar levels.

2. Soda and Sweet Drinks

Sweet drinks as the name itself suggest will increase the blood sugar if consumed. However, most of them do not know that soda could drive the blood sugar up. Yes, soda and sweet drinks have the same effect, it increases the blood sugar, and if you are a diabetic patient, frequent consumption could lead to worse diabetic conditions. People who consume soda and sweet drinks frequently have a 26 percent higher risk of having diabetics.

3. White Bread

It was not until late 2000, the effect of white bread on the human body was discovered. There are many people who prefer having white bread at least once a day, making it a staple food. Consuming white bread could increase the risk of diabetics and it could increase blood sugar easily. One of the main reasons because white bread digests easily, causing an increase in blood sugar.

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4. Red Meat

Can Raise Your Blood Sugar

Red meat is one of the most commonly consumed types of meat today. Red meat here refers to bacon and cold cuts that have high saturated fat, which could contribute to the increase of blood sugar and develop diabetics. Remember, red meat does not only doubles the risk of diabetics but also increases the risk of heart diseases.

5. Fast Food and Packaged Food

Fast food and packaged food is tempting to almost every person. But, most of them only know that they have higher fat, salt, and calories. However, that is not all, fast food and packaged food could increase the risk of diabetics and blood sugar.

Studies indicate that people who consume more fast food and packaged food have a 32 percent higher risk of diabetics and blood sugar. Apart from these foods, whole milk, butter, pasta, and French fries are known to have the property to raise the blood sugar level. Therefore, you are seriously concerned about your health, avoid consuming these foods regularly that raise blood sugar.


You do not have to avoid all these food completely, you just have to control or limit the consumption. You must always watch out to avoid consuming any of this food frequently.

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