Disadvantages Of orange
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Disadvantages Of Orange

Disadvantages Of Orange Fruit. What is that sweet citrus fruit that has been named on its physical appearance? Yes, we are talking about oranges. The oranges are often found in the spring and winter seasons. Along with all the definite nutritional advantages that it offers to people, oranges have some disadvantages too.

Orange is mostly consumed in the form of juice or as it is. Both forms have both pros and cons. Almost all the people might be aware of the excellent benefits of it. However, very few of you might be knowing the cons. Let us look at some of the major drawbacks of consuming oranges:

1. GERD Precipitation

Oranges have high acid levels. Therefore, the consumption of more than required oranges can cause acid reflux. People who are already suffering from GERD can progress to a more intense level. It can also cause common symptoms like heartburn and acidic regurgitation. Be cautious, all the orange lovers!

2. Hyperpottassium State

Eating oranges can precipitate hyperpottasium state in the blood. It can cause a more serious effect if you are already on the antihypertensive drugs like beta-blockers. The American heart association strictly warns hypertensive patients under drug therapy to avoid potassium-rich foods. When the potassium reservoir of the body becomes full, the kidneys are not able to effectively flush the potassium out of the body. It can cause some serious manifestations like weakness, nausea, vomiting, breathlessness, and palpitations.

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3. Digestive Problems

Though the pulp juice of orange is extremely pleasant to our taste buds; but, it does not have an adequate amount of fiber in it. The fiber keeps your digestive process in track. Therefore, overconsumption of oranges can make you prone to loose stools and abdominal cramps. We recommend you to avoid peeling the white fibers in the orange pulp.

4. High Blood Sugar Level

The high sugar level of the orange makes it unfit for consumption in diabetic patients. It contains a lot of carbohydrates, which makes it non-ideal fruit for hyperglycemia. However, the energy level is not too high. Therefore, you will have longing of eating more oranges. You can end up accumulating more amounts of adipose tissue and fat instead of nutrition. Home Remedies for High Blood Sugar

5. Lesser Nutrients

Unlike other fruits, orange does not contain many beneficial nutrients apart from vitamin C. It is good for having healthy and glowy skin. However, it lacks proteins, amino acids, and other micronutrients. Therefore, we cannot call it an all-round nutritive fruit. We hope that you are well versed with the disadvantages of orange. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

How Many Oranges a day to loose weight?

It is better to eat 2 oranges a day if you want to loose weight. But if you are allergic to oranges then you have to concern with your doctor.

What are the health risks of eating oranges.

There is no such health risks of eating oranges but yes side effects and disadvantages if you eat more than enough. Disadvantages like soar throat, gastric, vomiting, high blood sugar level and many other side effects.

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Can eating too many oranges hurt you?

Excess eating of anything can be bad for you. Eating too many oranges have side effects like diarrhea, lose motions, soar throat, upset stomach.

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