Disadvantages of Magnet
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Disadvantages of Magnet

Magnets play a vital role in our routine life. Around everything including music speaker, refrigerator, credit card readers, factory machines, compasses, telephones, electric & musical instruments, medical equipment, speakers, refrigerators and others have magnetism impact. They are primarily used to produce electricity.

 But do you think that the magnetic effect can harm the human body? It depends on the strength of the magnetic field. Magnets less than 3000 magnetic field unit doesn’t harm the body. On the other hand, a magnet having more than 3000 gausses can harm the body.

A powerful magnet quickly induces currents in your body which may cause heating and electricity in your body. Today everything that you see has a magnetic effect. From medical devices to home appliances, all contain the magnetic field.

They also have been used in diagnostic equipment in the healthcare fields and as therapeutic tools. Various researches indicate that magnets are possibly harmful to the human body & pose an enhanced risk of an accident.

Disadvantages of Magnet on the human body

1. May affect your brain & body

Having a magnet in everything can induce currents in various structures of your brain. They may lead to loss of balance, nausea, and anxiety.

2. Other health issues

Some studies have shown that contact with magnets increased the rate of brain tumors, cancer, leukemia, and other health issues.

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3. Influence Behaviour

When the brain is not responding to the magnetic effect, then there is no option that the magnetic field can influence anyone’s behavior. Firstly, the human brain observes something before acting on something.

4. Heart Diseases

A laboratories study indicates that magnetic and electric field exposure may affect heart rate variability and heart rate. According to epidemiologic, depressed heart rate inconsistency is entitled to decreased survival from heart disease. It also enhances the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

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