Disadvantages of Chikoo
Side Effects

Disadvantages of Chikoo

Chikoo or sapodilla is a tropical and pulpy fruit and very sweet in taste. It is known to be high-calorie fruit and consider a balanced diet. But did you know? overeating sapodilla has lots of side effects and disadvantages like allergy, digestion issues, sore throat, and high blood sugar levels.

Side Effects of Chikoo

Let us check the side effects and disadvantages of overeating Chikoo or sapodilla. The followings are the 3 disadvantages of eating Chikoo.

1. Skin Allergic

If you are allergic then you should limit or ignore eating sapodilla because it can trigger your skin and throat allergies. Sapodillas have an astringent called tannin that triggers or causes mouth itching and makes it worsen. If you feel this kind of itching or skin rashes after eating Chikoo then immediately visit your doctor. Also, Read Disadvantages Of Mangoes

2. Throat Inflammation

Eating raw or unripe sapodilla can be the reason for sore throat and throat inflammation It can create problems like shortening breath in adults as well as kids.

3. Vomiting & Digestion Problems

Because sapodilla contains a high amount of dietary fiber so eating sapodilla in excess can create digestion-related problems like constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain and sometimes vomiting too.

4. Increase Blood Sugar Level

Sapodilla contains a very high amount of sugar level and if you are a diabetic patient then you should avoid eating sapodilla immediately. It can spike your blood sugar level rapidly.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

Does Chikoo cause weight gain?

Sapodilla or Chikoo contains a high amount of calories and if you eat more than moderate then it can lead to uneven weight gain and make you obese. So avoid eating Chikoo if you are plan to lose weight.

How many chikoo to eat in a day?

If you are planning to lose weight or on a diet control then try not to eat 1 Chikoo a day because sapodilla might increase your weight because it is a very high-calorie fruit.

Can Sugar Patients Eat Sapodilla?

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients should avoid eating sapodilla as this fruit is not only high in sugar as well as it contains a high amount of calories too. Eating sapodilla can increase your blood spikes and worsen your blood sugar level.

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