Disadvantages of Almonds
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Disadvantages of Almonds

Almonds are very popular in the dry fruit category. They are popular worldwide and are used to prepare desserts & chocolates. They are rich in Vitamin A, so chewing them is considered a healthy habit. But if you eat anything more than the limit, then it harms you. Here are some disadvantages of eating excessive almonds.

Disadvantages of Eating Excessive Almonds

1. Issue in Digestion

Excessive consumption of almonds can upset your stomach, and cause digestion-related issues like bloating and constipation. Almonds contain a lot of fiber and the human body can’t tolerate that much fiber. The balance of water and fiber should be equal to handle the situation. Thereby, it is good to eat almonds in limit.

2. Weight Gain

Almonds also contain calories, are high in fat. If you get 50 grams of fat, eat 100 grams of almonds at once. Eating almonds in substantial portions is healthy and good for the heart. Almonds can help to gain weight easily, thus fat people can’t burn their calories by eating almonds.

3. Overdose of Vitamin E

Almonds are also rich in Vitamin E. Eating half a cup of almonds gives 25 mg of Vitamin E. And the human body only requires 15 mg of Vitamin E in a day. Excessive consumption of Vitamin E can lead to side effects. It may grow weakness, blurred vision, and diarrhea.

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4. Kidney Stones

Eating too many almonds may affect your health and develop kidney stones. Due to the calcium oxalates, kidney stones have developed in the human body and almonds are rich in oxalates.

5. Rashes and Allergies

Eating almonds in excessive quantities can be bad for the body and skin. It causes inflammation, fatal allergies, and other skin issues. Due to the overdose of almonds, you can face issues like anaphylaxis; shoot up blood sugar levels, shortness of breath, even nausea in some cases.

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