Disadvantages of Acid Rain
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Disadvantages of Acid Rain

Acid Rain Has the Potential to Cause Health Issues in People. Sulfur dioxide & nitrogen oxides, two types of air pollution, can induce respiratory ailments or make them worse if they are already present. People who suffer from respiratory disorders such as asthma and chronic bronchitis have difficulty breathing. The pollution that produces acid rain could also result in the formation of microscopic particles.

What Is Acid Rain?

When these particles enter people’s lungs, they have the potential to create health problems or worsen existing health problems. The ground-level ozone leads to respiratory diseases such as pneumonia & bronchitis, and it has the potential to cause lifelong lung damage in some cases.

These microscopic particles, as well as ozone, are responsible for the health impacts that people are concerned about, rather than being generated by acid rain itself. Diving in an acid lake and strolling through an acidic puddle poses no greater risk to human health than swimming and walking through clean water does.

Side effect on lakes and freshwater ponds

Acid rain has an adverse effect on freshwater ponds and lakes, destroying aquatic life, which is particularly detrimental because some species of fish are scarce or perhaps extinct as a result of acid rain.

It has the potential to cause damage to historical sites and buildings. It is possible to find sulfuric acid in the buildings.

Poison forests

One of the most significant consequences of higher acidic water is the retention of aluminum, which has the potential to poison forests.

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Acid rain can have a negative impact on soil and can cause the death of beneficial bacteria. Acidic rain increasingly challenges the plants to take water from their soil because it depletes the soil of important nutrients such as nitrogen and calcium.

It has the potential to harm trees, particularly those located at high elevations.

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