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Coconut Health Benefits

Coconut is a fruit that comes in many forms like water, oil, as fruit and liquid and also coconut has lots of health benefits for the skin. This fruit has natural healing properties which can be very useful for us. Asian people do regularly use this fruit in their daily needs.

History of Coconut

Coconut is grown on Cocos nucifera palm. Nucifera palm is originally a nut which grown in the ground. This nut is very useful in the kitchen. Here are lots of coconut species all across the world and the taste varies according to soil and alkaline level.

Coconut is green in color on the outer side and turns brown as it age. The inner part of this nut is white and very soft. Coconut has lots of many other names like nariyal in Hindi, Narikelera in Bengali.

What is Coconut Water?

Fresh coconut contains sweet water which is mostly known as coconut water. This water has lots of health benefits and is very sweet in taste. Coconut water also increases the cell in the human body and doctors recommend coconut water if you are suffering from dengue and other blood-related fevers.

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Nutrition Value of Coconut

Coconut has a very high nutritional value as it varies on which portion you take. This nut is also very useful in pregnancy that is the reason behind the doctor recommends this nut in pregnancy.

1/2 cup of coconut meat can be high in fiber and a very good amount of iron and potassium. This is also very high in saturated fat but cholesterol-free. 1 cup of coconut water contains 46 calories and 2 grams of protein. The water has contained only 1/2 gram of fat, 9 grams of carbohydrates, and 2.5-grams of fiber.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Coconut

  • Coconut the name comes from two words coco and nut. Coco is a Portuguese name which adding with nut and the combination called coconut. Some people called the sailors of Vasco de Gama named the coconut after they discover it.
  • Coconut oil contains a high amount of MCT(median chain triglycerides) they are very easy to digest. This oil also increases our metabolism and a good source of energy.
  • Before 1960s coconut oil was the leading vegetable oil but after that soyabean oil replaces it.
  • During the second world war, the Japanese used coconut as grenades and thrown it to their enemies.
  • Coconut fiber/meat used to heal the wounds of a soldier in the 1941-45 war.

Health Benefits Of Coconut

Coconut becomes popular with its disease-fighting elements rather it has been very high in saturated fat but harmless. According to some recent studies, coconut water promotes weight loss and averts heart-related diseases.

Journal of Food Science study states that coconut contains fatty acids and antioxidants which boost the immunity system and reduce the inflammation in the body(1). Check the following health benefits of Coconut.

1. Coconut Boost Immunity

Coconut is listed as an immunity booster nut because it has lots of nutrition to boost the immune system. This nut has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasite elements which led to a good digestion system.

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If you are suffering from problems like throat infection, tapeworms, parasites, bronchitis, and urinary tract infection then adding raw coconut into your regular diet can really be helpful for you.

2. Full Of Dietary Fiber

Coconut inner part is very high in dietary fiber and each coconut is having more than 50 percent of fiber value in it. This nut also reduces the chances of diabetes because it relaxes our pancreas and enzyme system.

3. Control Blood Sugar Level

Coconut can be very helpful if you are a diabetic patient because it enhances insulin secretion and controls the blood glucose level. It also reduces the blood sugar level and cravings for sugar meals. Coconut also regulates our digestion system and bowel movement.

4. Coconut Cure Epilepsy

Adding coconut to your regular diet can also be very helpful to treat epilepsy. According to a recent study Ketogenic diet can treat epilepsy in children and reduce the chances of seizures.

5. Coconut Can Adverse Aging Process

Yes, you read it right. If you consume raw coconut, coconut milk, or water then the chances are higher you look younger than your actual age. Cytokinins and trans-zeatin are present in coconut which boosts the anti-aging process.

6. Coconut Fights with Cancer

This nut is very helpful especially if you are suffering from colon and breast cancer. Coconut has anti-cancer properties which make this nut anti-cancer.

7. Coconut Hydrate Your Skin

This nut is very good to hydrate our skin. Coconut water contains electrolytes which are very necessary to hydrate our skin. This is the reason behind gym coaches recommend coconut water for quick hydration because this water can be very helpful for people who involve physical activities like gyming, sports, physical workouts, etc.

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8. Coconut Averts the Urinary Tract Infections

Coconut water contains diuretic elements which can prevent urinary tract infections. This water is the natural home remedy to push the urine infection through the urine because it boosts the urine flow so that infection can quickly exit from the body.

9. Cure Acidity and Heart Burn

Coconut water is also listed as the best home remedy for acidity and heartburn. You can also check Home Remedies For Acidity. It has the highest value of nutritions like fluid and fiber which controls the acid level in the human body. This is the main reason people call coconut water Magic Water(2).

10. Coconut Water Good in Pregnancy

Coconut water is extremely good in pregnancy. Because this water is very sterile which makes it good for pregnant ladies. Coconut water guards mother and baby against infections and boosts the immune system. It is also very rich in amniotic fluid which is good for the overall health of the fetus(3).

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

What is Coconut Milk?

Coconut milk is generated from coconut pulp. The color of this milk is white as other milk and sweet and tasty flavor. The high oil content makes its color white.

Where do Coconuts Grow

Coconut is a nut that has grown up in more than 90 countries but most of them are in Asia. Most of the coconut production is in the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and South India. Coconut palms can be grown in high-level moisture areas.

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