Cholesterol Symptoms Causes And Treatment

Cholesterol Symptoms Causes And Treatment

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that develops in your blood and it is waxy in nature and it helps to generate hormones, vitamin D, and good digestion.

What is High Cholesterol?

The human body takes cholesterol to produce hormones and bile acids so that it can digest food easily. It only needs a very less amount of cholesterol to fulfill these requirements. If anyone has more than a sufficient amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream then it is converted into clots and block the walls of arteries, coronary arteries, and brain carotid arteries which results in heavy blockage into the vessels. High Cholesterol can cause you a heart attack, brain attack, and other problems too.

High Cholesterol Symptoms?

Bad cholesterol is the main reason behind lots of other diseases and some of the symptoms are High Blood pressure, chest pain, etc.

Bad Cholesterol Causes?

The reason for high cholesterol depends upon your lifestyle, heredity, poor diet, obesity, smoking, and diabetes.

1. An Unhealthy Lifestyle

If you have an unhealthy lifestyle and a hectic day schedule then the chances are very high to affect your blood cholesterol level. The solution is giving time to yourself and do some exercise and walk daily it will convert your high cholesterol into normal.

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2. Heredity

Genes are the main reason how our body reacts to the same rule is applying in the LDL or bad cholesterol. If your parents have a bad cholesterol level then the chances are very high that you can also affect this disease.

3. Poor Diet

Foods that contain higher fat can cause High Cholesterol. Here are some foods that contain High Cholesterol Fast Food, oil, Dairy products, Baked products, Red meat, etc.

4. Obesity

Being overweight is the leading cause behind 90% of health problems. Higher than 32 Body mass index can cause Bad Cholesterol.

5. Smoking

Smoking decreases your good cholesterol. It also damages the internal parts of arteries which causes vessel block(1).

6. Higher Blood Sugar/ Diabetes

If you have diabetes then the chances are very high of High Cholesterol because it damages our arteries and increases the risk of heart-related issues like heart attacks and many more.

Frequently Ask Question(FAQS)

What Is The Normal Range For Cholesterol Levels?

Cholesterol level varies adults to children and old age people. Like if you are an adult then it could be less than 200 mg and 170 is good for children.

How Can I Check My Cholesterol At Home?

A cholesterol check at home is as easy as making tea. It only requires 2-5 minutes. cholesterol testing kit is easily available in the market you have to do is prick finger to the lancet and place blood drop on the strip it will change color and gives you a final color which you have to check in the color guide which gives you with the kit. Here you can check your cholesterol level.

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