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Ceylon Tea Benefits

Ceylon Tea is a perfect drink to boost your immune system. This tea has lots of health benefits like enhance your immune system, averts kidney stones, weight loss, good for skin, controls blood pressure, boosts cardiovascular health, averts cancer cells.

Ceylon Tea is very good to drink in the monsoon and rainy seasons. Drinking Ceylon tea on a regular basis can also be a good source of healing. Just add this tea to your regular diet can realize how this tea becomes an amazing drink all across the world. Ceylon tea is a very good option to immune your system as well as enhances your cardiovascular system too. Does not it sound good?. Here are lots of other tea for good digestion and health benefits like Hibiscus Tea, Black Tea, and Parsley Tea Etc.

History Of Ceylon Tea

In 1824 some British people take some tea plants from China to Ceylon (Sri Lanka). This is the main reason behind most people thought Ceylon tea is originated from Sri Lanka.

Interesting Facts About Ceylon Tea

  • Chinese Emperor Shen Nung mistakenly founds tea in 2737 BC.
  • Four pounds of fresh tea leaves produce one pound of dried tea.
  • 1.42 million pounds of tea consumed in a day in the United States.
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What Is Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is originated in Sri Lanka and founded in 1824 by the British people. This tea has amazing health benefits. Ceylon tea has lots of other variants like green tea, white tea, and black Ceylon tea. Ceylon tea also has nutrients like flavonoids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, etc.

How To Make Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is very easy to make and drink. This tea is made with milk and water too. Just take one cup of warm water and add Ceylon tea leaves and sugar to it. Tea is ready to drink enjoy the good taste of tea.

Benefits Of Ceylon Tea

1. Good For Cardiovascular System

Potassium is very obligatory for the cardiovascular system. Potassium is responsible to relax your blood vessels and arteries and control the blood pressure level. Daily intake of potassium-rich Ceylon tea and fruits like bananas can lead to a healthy heart life.

2. Good Dieting Option

People who are on a weight loss diet can add this tea to their routine diet. So the good news is if you are following a weight loss diet and want to reduce your extra belly fat then adding Ceylon tea into your diet is a good option.

Taking One cup of Ceylon tea with exercising and workouts can lead to good health and weight loss. This tea is also responsible to increase the metabolism which leads to making active your whole day.

3. Ceylon Tea Averts Chronic Illness

Ceylon leaves hold the nutrients like antioxidants and Arubigins. These nutrients are very energetic which enhances your immune system and helps you to fight chronic diseases and illnesses. Adding Ceylon tea into your regular diet can prevent dangerous diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Antioxidants in this tea can give power to our immune system and increase our metabolism.

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4. Relax your Mind

Ceylon tea has elements like caffeine and minerals which are known for relaxing our mind, yes you heard it right this is true. Caffeine may improve your mental alertness as well as relaxes your mind’s nerves also. As per belief that intake of this tea can relax your nerve system.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

Is Ceylon Tea High in Caffeine?

Yes, this tea contains caffeine.

How’s Ceylon Tea Taste?

Ceylon tea taste mostly depends on cultivated soil, weather, precipitation, and sunlight, etc. This tea taste is similar to chocolate and citrus etc.

How To Drink Ceylon Tea

Just add some dry tea leaves into a cup of warm water and add some honey or sugar into it Now filter it and drink it warm.

Is Ceylon Tea Black Tea

It comes in three variants like white, green, and black. So it depends upon your choice and mood you want to drink black Ceylon tea, white Ceylon tea, or green Ceylon tea.

What is pure Ceylon tea?

Ceylon tea is originated in Sri Lanka & is very similar to black tea. The pure form of Ceylon tea is produced in Sri Lanka and some Asian countries.

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