Causes Of Poor Sleep

Causes of Poor Sleep

Do you want to know the most common factors that are the main causes of poor sleep? If yes is your answer then don’t worry here on this post you will find some factors listed below that are impactful on human sleep. Keep in mind that before resolving any problem, we first need to know about the problem, and if you don’t know what actually promotes poor sleep, then look at these common factors.

1. Uneven Temperature Changes

Most of the time, people ignore the temperature change factor because they don’t know how it actually can affect their sleep and causes poor sleep. If you are sleeping in a room where the temperature is too cold or too hot, then the first thing is that your mind will take too long to go into the relaxing state. And ultimately, in the uneven temperature environment, you can’t relax your body and your mind within a few minutes because it might take an hour or two.

2. Pain

Pain causes poor sleep

Pain can also be the most significant cause for poor sleep, but it can only affect your sleep when you feel very painful, not daily. In case if you are suffering from pain, then your body part that causes pain will constantly send pain signals to the brain. And ultimately, it makes your brain awake for a long time until you find out a way to ignore or kill the pain.

3. Smartphones Or TV

Have a look around you and notice the screens present in your room; basically, they are present everywhere, like in the TVs, smartphones, laptops, and so on. The digital display produces the blue light, which ultimately gives a signal to our brain that “It is not the night time.” If you continuously stare at your smartphone, Tv, or laptop’s screen at night, it will definitely affect your sleeping.

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4. Diet

diet for good sleep

Do you regularly have a full meal before going to bed, then for sure you are suffering from the poor sleep problem. Not only this but having a spicy meal before going to sleep can also promote the poor sleep issue because the species works as a stimulus to send signals to the brain continuously.

5. Stress

You may have noticed this that when you go to sleep at night with a deep thought about something stressful, in this situation, you usually don’t get quality sleep. RIght? It happens because deep thoughts can keep you awake for hours because your brain continuously processes the information about your thoughts.

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