Can I Loose Weight by Eating Fruits

Many people aim to lose weight by fasting. We also get a lot of questions about the possibility of loose weight with the help of fruits. So, we have got our experts to answer this question for you. Check out the details below.

  • Calorie Intake – Weight loss is all about calorie intake. You need to spend more calories than you eat. So, when you are eating fruits, you will only lose weight when you are eating less than your calorie requirement. If you are eating fruits in excess, then you will not be able to lose weight. Moreover, ensure that you include fibrous fruits in your diet. Don’t take too much Mango, avocado, or similar fruit. Also, Read Is Mango Good For Weight Loss
  • Fiber – Fruits also have a high fiber content. This means that the fruit will help you with bowel movements. It will clear toxins from your body. If you start eating fruits, you will also get a healthy fiber intake. In addition, you will be able to keep yourself hydrated as fruits have high water content. All these things will eventually result in healthy weight loss.
  • Healthy Sugar – Processed sugar does a lot of harm to your body, and all of the processed sugar can be avoided. If you have a craving for dessert, then try replacing that with fruit. The net calorie intake will be less, and at the same time, you will be able to satisfy your craving without eating processed sugar.

Final Verdict

Yes, it is possible to lose weight by only eating fruits. However, it may sometimes deprive you of protein and other essential nutrients. You can try detoxification by adapting to a fruit-only diet for a couple of months every day. However, follow an adequately balanced calorie-deficit diet to lose weight healthily. In addition to weight loss, the fruit diet keeps your skin and immunity healthy.

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