Benefits of Eating Jaggery During Pregnancy
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Benefits of Eating Jaggery During Pregnancy

Do you know the Benefits of Eating Jaggery During Pregnancy? Jaggery is a natural form of sugar and it is made with sugarcane juice. Here are lots of health benefits of eating jaggery during pregnancy. Sugar tooth in pregnancy is a very normal thing and it has no such side effects. Eating jaggery in pregnancy can give good health to the mother as well as the baby.

What is Jaggery?

Gur is the hard form of sugar cane juice because it is made from the pure form of sugar cane juice. Jaggery can be easily available all across the world. It contains fiber, moisture, and sugar.

Is it safe to eat jaggery(Gur) during pregnancy?

Gur is known as a good source of glucose as it is a natural and pure form of sugar. Sugar in moderation can be very useful during pregnancy. It is completely safe to eat jaggery during pregnancy and also has lots of health benefits. only if you consume it in moderation. Consumption of Gur during pregnancy can save you from health problems like anemia and high/low blood pressure.

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Type of Jaggery

Although jaggery is generally made from sugar cane and sugar cane juice. But it can also be made from the sap of palms like a date palm, toddy palm, and palmyra palm. Let us check the types of jaggery available worldwide.

Sugarcane Jaggery: It is a golden brown and dark brown color and it is completely made with sugar cane and its juice. Sugarcane Jaggery is mostly available in Mexico, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Cuba. It is completely safe and has the health benefits of eating jaggery during pregnancy.

Date Palm Jaggery: This jaggery produces from the sap of the date palm and is prepared by boiling the date palm sap. It is look-alike dark chocolate and very sweet in taste. Although it is available in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Toddy Palm Jaggery: Golden brown color jaggery i.e prepared with boiling the sap of toddy palm. It is very sugary in taste and Amorphous solid in shape. It is the special dish of Myanmar.

Miscellaneous Palm Jaggery: Nowadays jaggery is made with another palm like coconut and sago. The color can be golden yellow and golden brown. Myanmar, the Philippines, and Malaysia are the places where you can find the Palm Jaggery.

Health Benefits Of Eating Jaggery During Pregnancy

Jaggery has lots of health benefits on regular days as well during pregnancy. Let us check the facts and health benefits of eating jaggery during pregnancy. Also, Read Banana Health Benefits For Women

1. Control the Blood Pressure

Jaggery is a low sodium food and the doctor recommends the low sodium diet for Pregnant ladies. As per a recent study eating jaggery can regular your blood circle and averts the problem related to blood pressure.

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2. Averts Anemia

Anemia is a condition when your body produces less healthy red blood cells This disease is also called a lack of blood. Anemia can make you weak and tired all the time. Iron deficiency can cause anemia and Gur contains a high amount of iron. So eating jaggery can be good for anemia patients too.

3. Purify Your Blood

Moderate Consumption of Gur can purify your blood during pregnancy by eliminating the waste and toxins from your body. It is also good for the little baby insides you.

4. Strengthen Bone

Gur can strengthen your and your baby’s bones because it contains the iron and calcium that enhance bone density and strengthen it.

5. Reduce Water Retention

Water retention is a very common problem in pregnant women. Gur has a high amount of potassium in it that reduces water retention in pregnant ladies.

6. Good For Digestion

Eating Jaggery is good for pregnant ladies as well as normal people. Because of its natural sugar components, it enhances the secretion and promotes healthy enzymes in the pancreas.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

How Much Jaggery To Eat Everyday During Pregnancy?

50 Grams or a small piece of jaggery during pregnancy is safe to eat every day but if you feel any complications then you have to visit your physician immediately and stop eating jaggery.

Can we eat palm jaggery during pregnancy?

If you eat palm jaggery in a limited amount then it is ok to eat palm jaggery during pregnancy and it has no such side effects. It helps to purify the breast milk and good the growth of your baby.

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Does jaggery cause miscarriage?

Eating Papaya and pineapple can be a reason for miscarriage but there is no such evidence or study that jaggery can cause miscarriage but if you feel then you should go to your doctor and feel free to be concern with them.

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