Banana With Milk Side Effects
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Banana With Milk Side Effects

It is usual to see bananas and milk together in smoothies and shakes, and it is especially frequent in frozen yogurt. Despite the widespread acceptance of this combination, many people argue that bananas & milk aren’t quite a perfect match after all. Let us check the side effects of drinking milk with banana fruit.

In fact, there is a deluge of information on the internet claiming that having bananas & milk together might harm your digestive health, induce congestion, and cause your waistline to expand.

Milk & banana might appear to be the perfect combo, with the two compensating for each other’s vitamin deficiencies, but when they enter the bodies, the two do not work in the same way as they do when they are consumed separately.

Banana with Milk side Effects?

It Disturbs Digestion

As a result of the heavy nature of the banana and the milk, studies have found that consuming them together not only upsets our digestive system but also upsets our sinuses. This results in nasal congestion, a cold, and cough, as well as other allergens such as rashes on the skin. Consequently, while many people feel that taking the two together can alleviate their digestive issues, doing so will instead result in vomiting and loose stools in the long run.

Causes Toxification

In addition to this, Ayurveda has stated that the philosophy of putting food and a liquid together is not the most beneficial idea to follow. According to Ayurvedic doctrine, consuming bananas and milk together might cause toxification in the body, which will interfere with the numerous bodily activities that take place as a result. The Ayurvedic tradition goes on to say that combining banana and milk can induce severe heaviness throughout the body and can also cause our cognitive function to slow down.

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Separately consuming bananas and milk is the most effective method of consumption. In order to have this as a pre-or post-workout snack, you must consume the banana within 20 minutes of ingesting milk or other dairy products.

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