Banana health benefits and side effects
Fruits Health Benefits

Banana Health Benefits

Banana is the most consumable fruit all across the world and is scientifically known as Musa. This yellow and sweet fruit has lots of health benefits and nutrition. Banana is sweet in the taste and mostly eating by the peel of its cover. This fruit is listed as high fiber fruit and most carbohydrate fruit as well.

History Of Banana

Banana originated from Southeast Asia (mainly India). Here are lots of types and varieties of banana worldwide some of them are baby Nino, Burro, Cavendish, Blue Java, Manzano, Plantains, red banana, and lots of others(1).

Nutrition Value Of Banana Fruit

This fruit is a perfect combination of multiple minerals and necessary elements like magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B6, Manganese, and Niacin. One medium-sized banana contains the following nutrition value.

  • Magnesium – 34 mg
  • Potassium – 450 mg
  • vitamin B6 – 0.5 mg
  • Manganese – 0.3 mg
  • Niacin – 0.8 mg
  • Vitamin C – 9 mg

Health Benefits of Eating Banana

1. Good Source of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 a very essential vitamin that we need in our daily diet. Banana contains a very good amount of it that fulfills the 1/3 daily needs of vitamin B6. This vitamin helps for brain development during pregnancy and is good for metabolism. This is why the doctor recommends a banana to eat during pregnancy(2).

2. High in Carbohydrate

This fruit is very rich in carbohydrates. That is why banana is listed as the best fruit for carbs. Every 100 grams of raw Musa contains 22.84 grams of carbohydrates(3). Actually, Banana carbs and fiber properties depend on their size.

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3. Heart-Healthy Fruit

heart healthy fruits

Heart attacks are very common in today’s time because of adulteration in foods and our unhealthy work cultures. Banana is a fruit that can control our blood pressure because it has elements like potassium and minerals.

Mostly banana contains 0.4 grams of minerals and potassium. A recent study proves Heart diseases can be reduced to 26% if you daily consume 1.3 grams of potassium(4). Cavendish banana has high dopamine and antioxidants in it(5). Also, Read Fruits Good For Heart

4. Digestive Friendly Fruit

Banana is loaded with dietary fiber and Dietary fiber has many good health benefits which lead to improving digestion. A recent article states that a medium-size banana has 3 grams of fiber which makes banana Dietary fiber-rich food(6).

Apart from dietary fiber, banana has two more healthy elements i.e pectin and resistant starch. Pectin finds in raw bananas and resistant starch is found in a ripe banana. Meanwhile, a banana gives us good gut(7) bacteria avert colon cancer.

5. Enrich With Antioxidants

As we all know the value of antioxidants in our regular life. Green veggies and fruits are excellent sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are very useful to reduce the risk of heart disease and degenerative diseases(8).

6. Rich in Potassium

Bananas are very rich in potassium and have a very good amount of potassium in each banana. The existence of this element makes banana is super-rich food. Potassium has many health benefits like heart health, brain functioning, and blood circulation properties. So it is a good option to add bananas to your regular diet for healthy heart and blood circulation.

7. Good For Your Kidney

All of us know banana is a very rich source of potassium which is very essential for blood pressure and kidney health. Potassium plays a very important role in kidney functioning and it is very good to eat potassium-rich food like a banana. As per the recent 13-year study states that women who ate bananas 3 times per week can decrease the chances of kidney disease by 33 percent(9). One more study states that people who ate bananas 4-6 times a week can reduce the chances of kidney disease 50 percent more than those who don’t eat the banana(10).

8. Aid Anemia

Anemia is a disease where the body produces fewer red cells in the blood which can cause fatigue, illness with a shortage of blood, less breath, and many more. Banana is a high iron element that can be very helpful for Anemia patients. Iron helps to produce red blood cells which leads to many health benefits.

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How To Store Banana

  • Banana can be stored at room temperature and stay away from direct sunlight.
  • If the banana peel is ripened then immediately remove the peel and store banana into the refrigerator.
  • Do not store banana into the plastic bags as this will generate moisturizer which ends in easy banana ripening.

Interesting Facts About Banana

  1. Musa will not sink in the water because of its less dense properties in comparison.
  2. This fruit is classified as a berry but most of the people known banana as a fruit.
  3. The inner part of Musa peel can be very helpful if you suffering from itching, bug bite, or inflammation.
  4. We, humans, are shared 50% of our DNA with Banana.
  5. Banana has high potassium and low salt properties which can be very helpful in blood pressure control and our heart functioning and health.
  6. Banana is known as mood freshener because it contains amino acid and Vitamin B6.

Side Effects of Eating Banana

Yes, you heard it right if Banana has health benefits then it also has side effects too.

1. High Fiber Food Banana

Because the banana is a high fiber food so if you are suffering from constipation or other digestive health problems then it is advisable to ignore eating the banana.

2. Allergic to Banana

If you are allergic to bananas then eating a banana can cause mouth blisters, itchiness, and hives also so avoid eating a banana if you are allergic to it.

3. Trigger Migraine

banana Trigger Migraine

If you are suffering from migraine pain or hypertension then eating a banana can be really painful for you(11). If after eating a banana migraine pain increasing then it is advised to eat half banana to ignore the migraine or head pain.

4. Beta-Adrenergic Blocking

Beta-adrenergic blocking agents a medications that can decrease your blood pressure. If you have beta-blockers then your heartbeat is slow and circulates blood to your heart vessels with less force. If you have beta-blockers then high potassium foods can be taken in limit and all we know banana is very high in potassium.

Banana Recipes

Although banana is a very sweet and healthy fruit as well as this fruit can utilize with lots of recipes like banana shakes, Banana Smoothie, and lots more.

Banana Shake Recipe

  • Ingredients For the recipe
  • Two – Banana
  • 2 scoop – vanilla ice cream
  • 1 cup – milk
  • One tbsp – sugar

How To Make The Banana Shake

  1. Peel the banana and cut into pieces.
  2. Blend banana pieces, milk, and sugar together.
  3. Now add this smoothie into the glasses.
  4. Serve it with ice cream scopes in it.
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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQS)

How Many Types of Banana?

Banana has lots of types and varieties in the market and more than 500 types of it. But the most consumable banana in the USA is Cavendish is also known as finger banana. Similar types of bananas are baby Nino, Burro, Cavendish, Blue Java, Manzano, Plantains, red banana, and many more.

What are The Benefits of Eating Bananas?

This fruit has lots of health benefits and nutritional value. Eating a banana will give you health benefits like moderate blood sugar level, prevent constipation, Good digestion system, weight loss, improves kidney health, and many more.

What is a banana Classed As?

The majority of people eat a banana as a fruit so it is not bad to consider Banana as a fruit.

Is it OK to Eat a Banana Every Day?

Eating a banana every day consider can be a good choice unless you are not allergic or a sugar patient. But if you take more than a moderate level of banana can cause health risks.

Do Bananas Make You Gain Belly Fat?

Banana is a health-friendly fruit that can control your blood sugar level and helps you to lose weight.

Are Bananas A Superfood?

This fruit is high in fiber and potassium which makes it a superfood. It is also rich in Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. This fruit is very good to eat daily.

What is a Fact About bananas?

Do you know? if you throw a banana in the water it will not sink in the water because it has less density. This fruit is listed as the most consumable fruit in the USA.

Scientific Name of Banana?

Banana is scientifically known as Musa.

When Should You Not Eat Bananas

If you have high diabetes or any allergy to bananas then you should avoid this fruit.

Do Bananas Make You Smarter

Banana has some benefits for brain functioning and alertness. Apart from it this has not such benefits for the brain.

What is Musa Genus?

Musa Genus is another name for banana. Some countries have known bananas as a Musa genus and lots of other names.

What is Bad About Bananas?

Banana has lots of health benefits because it is high in fiber, potassium, and magnesium but if you are suffering from high diabetes then it can be harmful to you.

Are Bananas Bad For Your Heart?

This fruit is a very good source of potassium and high dietary fiber. Potassium is a very superior element for our good heart health.

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