Avoid These Foods if You have cold and Flu
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Avoid These Foods if You have cold and Flu

Cold, sore throat or stuffy nose is a very pathetic and disturbing situation if you are a student, professional or even a housewife. Cold and flu have other symptoms like body pain, headache, sore throat, fever, and stuffy nose.

Cold and flu mostly get treated by itself within a week or 10 days but you can heal cold and flu before a week if you know which foods to eat and which foods to avoid if you are suffering from a cold and stuffy nose. Today we discuss the foods to avoid if you have a cold and flu for quick recovery.

Foods to avoid if you are suffering from cold

1. Oily or Fry Foods

High consumption of Oily or fry foods not good even if you don’t have a cold or any kind of flu. These foods can increase the risk of heart disease and obesity. Fry foods can slow down your metabolism and decrease the immunity system for some time which results in late recovery of cold and flu.

2. Avoid Red Meat and Non-Vegetarian foods

Non-vegetarian or red meat takes more time to digest rather than vegetarian foods or fruits. So it is advisable to not eat the chicken, red meat or any kind of non-vegetarian foods if you have a cold or flu.

3. Not Eat Dairy Products

We don’t talk about low calories dairy products but yes we are talking about high-fat milk, paneer, butter, and ghee. High calories products like milk or butter can be difficult to digest so avoid taking dairy products if you are suffering from cold and flu.

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4. Avoid Cold Drinks and Juices

Cold drinks and juices contain artificial colors, edible and other fatty acids that can slow down your digestion process. These drink also contains fewer nutrients and more preservatives so avoid to drink cold drinks are any kind of juice in cold and flu. You can drink chicken soup or veg soup if you have a cold and flu it also helps to fast recovery in it.

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