Are cherries Bad for Diabetes
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Are cherries Bad for Diabetes?

Cherries belong to two different types tart and sweet which contain significant amounts of bioactive components includes Vitamin C, fiber, Melatonin, Serotonin, Tryptophan, Carotenoids, Polyphenols, Potassium, etc. Cherries are bad for diabetes as people may think but in actual play a vital role in healthy glucose regulation. As per medical experts, it is important to keep your blood glucose levels balanced when you have diabetes.

Can Diabetics Consume Cherries?

You should include cherries in your diet but a limited portion. Well, a cherry promotes Potassium, Vitamin C, and a minimum amount of fiber which could be healthier.

According to the Diabetic Expert, a small portion of cherries can manage your blood glucose level. As the tolerance of carbohydrates has differed for people, thus it’s important to check blood glucose levels before and after eating cherries for the first time.

There are various researches regarding the major role of cherries as a treatment for diabetes. Many research shows that cherries reduce the risk of diabetes and decrease its opposite effects.

Research – 1

In 2018, research shows that different types of cherries are a rich source of Vitamin C and Polyphenols. They both help in decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Research – 2

In 2012, research shows that a cherry seems to aid in diabetes control, controlling blood glucose levels, and shrinking of the complications of diabetes.

Research – 3

In 2017, an article shows that the cherries contain dietary anthocyanins which help in targeting insulin sensitivity. The combination of cheery and blueberries has the potential to control conditions such as diabetes.

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Research – 4

In 2014, research shows that cherry extract has a beneficial effect on diabetic rats.

Glycemic Index of Cherries

GI or Glycemic Index of cherries promotes high blood glucose levels. As per the trusted source, the consumption of cherries with a limited amount is good for diabetics.

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