5 Benefits of Drinking Bitter Gourd Juice
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5 Benefits of Drinking Bitter Gourd Juice

Drinking Bitter gourd or karela juice have lots of health benefits like controls blood pressure, diabetes, skin health. Karela juice comes from rough skin green color vegetable called bitter gourd, karela, and bitter melon.

Bitter melon juice is also used as medicine in Ayurveda and Chinese tradition. Karela contains nutrients like magnesium, vitamin C, Iron, and potassium. It has a bitter taste for your tongue but has many sweet benefits for your health and body. Let’s check the unlimited health benefits of drinking bitter gourd or karela juice.

1. Control Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes or sugar is the third-largest disease worldwide. If you are suffering from Diabetes once then it can not be a cure but it can control if you add bitter gourd juice into your regular diet. Karela contains the element called p-insulin that controls the blood sugar in a natural way.

2. Rejuvenate Skin

Drinking Karela juice can give you flawless skin. It contains powerful antioxidants, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C that can reverse the aging effect and treat wrinkles as well. So if you want the shining and glowing skin adding bitter melon juice into your regular diet a good option.

3. Detoxify Your Liver

Karela juice is a liver-friendly drink and it can detoxify your fatty liver too. If you drink lots of alcohol last night then it is a good idea to drink bitter gourd juice as it will quickly wipe out the alcohol effect from your liver. Drinking 5ML karela juice on a regular basis can improve the functioning of the bladder.

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4. Promotes Weight Loss

According to a recent study 40 percent of people are suffering from excessive body weight and all of them reduce their belly fat without exercise. The good news is yes you can reduce the extra fat from your belly with drinking only karela juice on a regular basis. Bitter Gourd is a low calorie, low-fat vegetable and it can full your tummy for longer times so it is a good idea to add karela juice into your regular diet plan for weight loss.

5. Enhance Your Vision

Bitter Gourd is the only vegetable to cure eye-related problems like cataracts, low vision, and many others. Karela has nutrient elements like Vitamin A and beta carotene that is good for eye health. Drinking bitter melon juice can also treat your dark circles.

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