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10 Surprising Benefits Of Goat Milk For Babies

Goat milk is very popular nowadays all across the world except in western countries. It has lots of health benefits for babies and is very rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and minerals. Here is a Plethora of Benefits Of Goat Milk For Babies

Goat milk is advisable for infants due to its easy-to-digest properties. This milk is the most consumed milk all across Asia. But there are lots of shortages of this milk in the market because the goat produces only 2 percent of milk in the world.

This milk is also a very good option if you are suffering from dengue because it recovers your cells instantly this is the huge reason behind doctors’ advice to drink goat milk if you are suffering from dengue, malaria, and any other blood cells related disease.

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Nutrition Facts (Per Cup 120ML)

  • Fat – 5g
  • Calories – 84
  • Calcium – 33%
  • Magnesium – 9%
  • Potassium – 14%
  • Selenium – 5%
  • Copper – 6%

Benefits & Uses Of Goat Milk

Today we talk about goat milk benefits for babies and adults. Let us check the following benefits of goat milk.

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1. Rich In Calcium

Everyone thought that cow or buffalo milk is a good source of calcium but most people don’t know there are lots of other natural sources of calcium. One of them is Goat Milk a natural source of calcium. One cup of goat milk has 33% of calcium in it.

If you are thinking of fulfilling your daily calcium requirements switch cow milk to goat milk.

2. Control Cholesterol

It is a perfect source of fatty acid which is helpful in good cholesterol. Drinking goat milk can be reduced bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol(1). Daily intake of 1 glass of goat milk can control your cholesterol level.

3. Support Heart Health

Goat milk is a high source of magnesium and medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids convert fat into energy rather than storing it. Regular intake of this milk reduces the chances of heart attacks. Magnesium in this milk behaves very well when in the mix with vitamin D.

4. Good Source Of Calcium

Goat milk is high in calcium if we compare it with cow milk or buffalo milk. This is the huge reason behind goat milk being listed as a high source of calcium.

5. Protein Rich Food

Goat milk is a good option if you intake a good amount of protein. On average cow milk gives you 8g of protein but on the other hand, 1 cup of goat milk can give you 1 percent higher protein.

6. Good For Babies

Goat milk is easy to digest and has higher nutrition like protein, calcium, magnesium, and others. This is the huge reason doctor always suggest goat milk to babies. It is also good for the skin and develops brain cells and growth.

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7. Prevents Anemia

Goat milk is a very good source of iron and it also boosts iron absorption which averts blood-related problems like anemia and low blood pressure.

8. Rehydrate Your Skin

Goat milk is rich in alkaline, fatty acids, and triglycerides which boost our skin health. Drinking this milk regularly also reduces skin irritation. It also has vitamin A which is responsible to whiten your skin. Elements like lactic acid brighten and hydrates your facial skin.

For skin whitening, take one bowl of this milk dip the cotton, and cleanse your face, neck, and hands skin. Do this every day you will definitely notice brightening your skin. Goat milk soap is also a good thing to whiten your skin. You can buy this soap from the nearest supermarket.

9. Instant Heal Your Wounds

Goat milk has the same healing properties as olive oil. This is the reason behind this milk is prescribed by doctors to people who suffer from Acne, Anemia, Eczema, and magnesium deficiency.

10. Anti Inflammatory Properties

Goat milk has anti-inflammatory properties which are very good for babies and adults. This is why goat milk is always a better option than cow milk because sometimes cow milk can cause inflammation and stomach upset. This milk is also listed as a metabolism booster.

Frequently Asked Questions Goat Milk (FAQS)

Goat Milk vs Cow Milk For Babies

If your baby is a newborn then mother feed is the best food for your child because all milk has an element called lactose which is very hard to digest.

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Goat Milk Benefits For Liver

According to recent research states that goat milk can avert liver injury or protect it from further problems(2).

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